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We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby! Don’t Let Them Push Us Back.

Are these Republicans for real?  Just as we women are proving our mettle in combat and in the boardroom, we have to fight for our right to …contraception?  As women earn more degrees at every level of education than men, we have to fight to prove that we have the intelligence to make our own health decisions?  They’ve got to be kidding! The Republican Party’s War on Women is real.  Here are some of the facts: Contraception.  Under Obamacare, all health care plans except those … Read More

Women, Know Your (Lack of) Rights

I can not be sure, because I am steeped in the world of working family advocacy, but I believe a consciousness raising is afoot. I can barely refresh my Google or Facebook newsfeeds without being met by a new article, study, or controversy around women in the workplace. Most notably, in recent weeks we saw Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article in The Atlantic Monthly, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” which addressed the dilemma of “highly educated, well-off women” who rise … Read More

Where have all the women gone?

DON’T BE SURPRISED IF OBAMA WINS IN 2012… BLAME OUR GOP LEADERS…. THEY ARE SPINELESS, WIMPS !!! [sic] This statement, all in capitals, features in a blog on Smart Girl Politics, an online forum for conservative women that sprang up in the midst of Palin frenzy of 2008. The Mamma Grizzlies have been such a visible part of the political narrative and had, to liberals, seemed so strident and powerful, that I was captivated by them, slightly against my will. … Read More