Topic: Wisconsin

Standing Up for Worker’s Rights

On Tuesday, ACT NOW joined MoveOn, DFA, the Job Party, and a host of other groups to rally in Union Square in support of workers’ rights and the American Dream. We thought you might like to see a few photos of some of our Organizers, Paul, Allison, and Ethel, sporting colorful signs by our good friend Debo Gaffaney. We also loved this adorable video of one very committed activist (taken by the Job Party’s Harry Waisbren).

Things That Make Me Happy

Folks who know me might on most days be hesitant to call me an optimist. They might point out that I’m quick to espouse the negatives in any situation and skeptical of the positives. They might even be so bold as to pronounce me a pessimist at heart. Plus, I did just post about a bunch of things that make me angry… Nonetheless, so as to not have my fine name further besmirched by such pronouncements, and to prove that … Read More

Speaking Union

I wrote on Tuesday about the challenge of marketing unions to a young audience. Just a few hours later, I saw this video.

Manufacturing Solidarity?

Labor has a serious marketing problem. This challenge was brought to life by an interesting event that I attended yesterday about the labor movement and younger workers. The speakers did a good job of discussing the galvanizing effects of events in Wisconsin, as well as the ongoing unionization drives in industries like higher ed and publishing. While I’m sympathetic to those who are trying to improve the lives of workers, what struck me most about the event was how alien … Read More

Wisconsin: simplicity wins

Your high school English teacher was right. Sometimes it’s best to make your point as simply as possible. Amid all of the lofty and apocalyptic rhetoric about the battle in Wisconsin over collective bargaining rights for public employees, this video clip caught my eye.