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The Undoing of Occupy Wall Street

Last fall Occupy Wall Street seized our nation’s attention and in short order managed to bring income inequality and the rigged Wall Street game to the front of national discourse. Those are pressing issues of our times that were all but ignored by the mainstream media. So, in itself, it was an impressive feat for a ragtag group of nobodies. But then they committed a sin of political malpractice. They refused to play the game. OWS took a girl on … Read More

Conservative Mind Expansion

The average conservative head is a complete mess these days. But it’s a creative mess. They have learned so many new words and names and concepts they haven’t heard of before and are so eager to share their newfound knowledge that they remind me of a teenager who has just discovered Nietzsche. They walk around dispensing words like socialism, Marxism, Objectivism, anti-colonialism, quoting Friedrich Hayek, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman and even Saul Alinsky. But I commend them for the mere … Read More

A Must-Read Essay

For most New Yorkers, the word “public” is a good thing: public transportation, public libraries, public parks, public sanitation, and, much of the time, public schools and even public welfare and public housing. Not that we don’t have our complaints. Most of us are well aware that the services we depend on are too often diminished and undependable. But very few of us would venture that they should be abolished. Even our billionaire mayor takes the subway.

How to Compromise:
Tips from Bill Clinton and Me

[ photo: justin ruckman ] Word on the street today is that, despite a ratcheting up of the rhetoric over the last few days, Democrats and Republicans have come together and come to some sort of a tentative agreement on the budget for the rest of this fiscal year, thus theoretically averting a government shutdown (for now). Of course, this could all still fall apart, as nothing is even slightly set in stone and we’re dealing with a lot of … Read More