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Nate Silver: Time’s Person of the Year

Are you surprised that Republicans are surprised they lost? If you were following the polls guru Nate Silver’s blog you would be. It’s not that I was certain Obama would win. But reading Nate Silver’s estimates before the elections gave me odds to be cautiosly optimistic. The day before the election I estimated the chance of Obama winning (based on Nate’s 91%), in poker terms, like being all in with pocket kings pre flop. In other words, you’re in … Read More

Politics and Beyond: What do I love when I love my enemies?

Reading John Caputo’s On Religion while the media muse over whether this year’s presidential election campaign is the most divisive in American history has me thinking. In the book, Caputo takes up the Augustinian question “what do I love when I love my God?” and points to the statement ‘God is love,’ for illumination. Some simple substitution might hint at an answer to the question: when you love God, you love love.  I think that, semantically, this makes the question a lot more … Read More

Granite State of Mind

This morning the Manchester Union-Leader, an influential newspaper in New Hampshire, endorsed Republican presidential candidate New Gingrich for the January 10, 2012 New Hampshire primary. The Union-Leader passed over frontrunner Mitt Romney despite (or perhaps because of) their familiarity with him from his time as governor of neighboring Massachusetts, several years of his assiduously courting NH voters and the newspaper’s editorial staff, and his large lead in current NH primary polls. Political media have had their sights trained on the Granite State … Read More