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The Undoing of Occupy Wall Street

Last fall Occupy Wall Street seized our nation’s attention and in short order managed to bring income inequality and the rigged Wall Street game to the front of national discourse. Those are pressing issues of our times that were all but ignored by the mainstream media. So, in itself, it was an impressive feat for a ragtag group of nobodies. But then they committed a sin of political malpractice. They refused to play the game. OWS took a girl on … Read More

Regulate Wall Street

Honest Competition by Katya G. I put this video together since Wall Street is my pet issue. It highlights the general idea of a fair game, of following the rules. Those who undermine the rules are simply not equipped to play the game — thus they bend them to their own advantage. Be a mensch, Wall Street — play by the rules. Creative People: ACT NOW is thinking about doing a series of social ads — for example, touching on taxes, … Read More

The Spell of Wall Street

“Seek first to understand, then be understood.” -Anonymous Understanding Wall Street mentality is a bit like understanding military mentality. There’s something utterly profound when brothers in arms pull together in the heat of battle and persevere. Wall Street fancies itself to be like the military. The place is rich soil for military quotes and references and “war stories”. Making money in adverse conditions is viewed as an act of valor, a display of incredible courage. Many in a decision-making position … Read More

The why’s of police brutality

There are lots of Youtube videos of the the UC Davis pepper-spraying but this one will give a gist of the event. A moustachioed cop sprays the orange substance on crouching students as though he were watering his lawn. Another shoots at the kids from behind, and then more step forward, to finish off the job. Towards the end of the short recording, a cop stares right at the camera, the reflected light on this visor making his face invisible. … Read More

GTO: Give Thanks for Occupy

We are told, and have come to accept, that the Occupy Movement lacks focus, direction, and purpose. How can a group be successful without a linear plan and a list of demands? How does camping in a park solve the world’s problems? Onlookers often say that in the last two months, Occupy has yet to accomplish anything. As we come to Thanksgiving, however, I want to offer seven reasons to give thanks for the Occupy movement.

Why Play a Rigged Game?

Poker is my religion. There are rules, upon violation of which, you get punished mercilessly. Some call it statistics, some – including myself – poker gods. When I sit down at the table, I appreciate the plethora of characters from all walks of life. I appreciate the fact that there are winners and losers, luck and grind, spectacular twists of fate, rivalries but also universal fairness: In the long run, if you play correctly, you win. Very American Dream, isn’t … Read More

Occupy Wall Street Evicted

By the time I got the call, it was too late. The city had shut down most means of ingress from Brooklyn (or anyplace else) to lower Manhattan, including the Brooklyn Bridge and the 2, 3, 4, 5, and E trains. Police had formed a wide perimeter around the park, and supporters could not get within a block of it in any direction. Doormen were told to lock residents into their own buildings. Reporters were penned off in an apparent attempted media blackout:

A CBS News helicopter was ordered out of the sky by the police, who said they needed the airspace, according to Anthony DeRosa of Reuters.

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The Play’s The Thing

Okay, but here’s what you don’t understand about Occupy Wall Street. Whether the coverage you’ve encountered has skewed positive or negative, the Occupiers portrayed as unruly hippies or hard-working middle class Americans who can’t get their fair shake, their aims disparaged as vague and impracticable or dangerous and subversively anti-capitalist, there is a central aspect, an organizing principle, a unifying theme that hasn’t been explained to you, about which, unless you’ve witnessed it in person, you are probably unaware:

it’s adorable. Read More

Think Wall Street Suits are the 1%?
Think Again.

Remember how in the original Wall Street movie Gordon Gekko, while riding in a limo with Bud Fox, describes what it means to be rich? I’m not talking about $400K-working-Wall-Street-stiff-flying-first-class-and-being-comfortable. I’m talking about being rich enough not to waste time. Then he points a finger at a homeless person and a man in a suit on the sidewalk and says something like “there’s no difference between the two.” I agree. There’s no difference between the current day protesters and most … Read More

Where Is The Compassion?

I am a Christian. Because I am a Christian, I am a progressive. I believe in loving my neighbor as myself and caring for “the least among you.” For some reason, when it comes to most “Christians,” especially those who align themselves with the Christian Right, I am in the minority.