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Nate Silver: Time’s Person of the Year

Are you surprised that Republicans are surprised they lost? If you were following the polls guru Nate Silver’s blog you would be. It’s not that I was certain Obama would win. But reading Nate Silver’s estimates before the elections gave me odds to be cautiosly optimistic. The day before the election I estimated the chance of Obama winning (based on Nate’s 91%), in poker terms, like being all in with pocket kings pre flop. In other words, you’re in … Read More

Politics and Beyond: What do I love when I love my enemies?

Reading John Caputo’s On Religion while the media muse over whether this year’s presidential election campaign is the most divisive in American history has me thinking. In the book, Caputo takes up the Augustinian question “what do I love when I love my God?” and points to the statement ‘God is love,’ for illumination. Some simple substitution might hint at an answer to the question: when you love God, you love love.  I think that, semantically, this makes the question a lot more … Read More

We’re All in This Together

Were you as wowed by the President’s speech as we were? Yes, it was eloquent and entertaining. But, more importantly, it was correct. For all of the overblown rhetoric on all sides, Barack Obama correctly defined this election: it is about two radically different visions of who we are. It’s simple and it’s true. If you believe that we’re all in this together, then we know you want to do more than watch a speech. You want to participate. So … Read More

A Healthy Reaction

Knowing that Supreme Court was going to hand down its decision about Obamacare yesterday morning, I did what any self-protecting progressive might be tempted to do: I took a walk. I try to do this every day, but yesterday it seemed essential to my sanity, and I lingered along my favorite spots. And rather than turn on the television where I might be flagellated when I came inside, I consulted my laptop. And that’s where I learned the astonishing news … Read More

Grading Obama on Foreign Affairs

If you had to give President Obama a grade in International Affairs for these past three years, what would it be?  A plus?  B minus?  “Incomplete”?  For my part, I give him (and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, key architect of his foreign policy) an A minus, for a job well done, with room for improvement. It’s been interesting to watch Republicans try to find fault in every foreign policy decision Obama has made, without much of a coherent theme or a credible … Read More

Republicans – A Party without Judgment

Capt. Willard: “They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.” Col. Kurtz: “…Because it’s judgment that defeats us.” – John Milius & Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse Now. In the run up to a debt ceiling debate last summer, I wrote this on my wall: In the battle between the Tea Party and Wall Street I’m betting on Wall Street. How naïve I was back then. How much faith I put, wishfully, into Republicans’ … Read More

Comic: Can We?

Continued at ACT NOW. Read More

Arab Spring and Gaddafi’s Fall

With the death of Libya’s brutal dictator Muammar Gaddafi as the latest result of this year’s “Arab Spring,” which has already toppled dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt, we’ve been hearing a lot about regime change in the Middle East. We liberals so far have had very little trouble drawing a distinction between, on one hand, revolutions brought about by the will of Middle Eastern people, and on the other hand, by the Bush-Cheney neoconservative “regime change” doctrine in Iraq.  But is that line really so easily … Read More

Wherein Republicans and the Media Completely Fail to Understand Anything Obama Said Yesterday

So what did you think about President Obama’s speech yesterday discussing his rationale for getting involved in Libya? Some of the people I spoke with said they thought the speech was defensive and uninspiring. Others found it forthright, presenting a cogent rationale for why we’re in Libya and not in, say, Yemen. What I found most interesting about the speech was that President Obama gave a detailed response of why we ended up in Libya and why it was beneficial … Read More

Wilson Would Be Pleased

So as most everyone has probably heard at this point, the UN Security Council has approved the use of airstrikes to try to stop Qaddafi’s push to overcome the Libyan rebels. Now, everyone is going to differ on whether UN-sanctioned airstrikes into Libya is a good idea, especially among us liberals. And I think there are good arguments to be made on all sides of the debate. It would also make for a great blog post, so perhaps I’ll try … Read More