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Redistricting: Drawing a Line

We’re at the end game now, but it’s not too late to let the Governor know that you know that if he holds out for objectively drawn districts, all the same size, all over the state, it will be a big victory for him. And if he compromises, it will be a big loss. You’ve been hearing how “hyperpolitical”– it’s the Governor’s word–the proposed lines are, and the cynics among us have been hearing that the compromise lines have already … Read More

Senator Nozzolio Cynically Uses Asian-Americans for Political Gain

A few weeks ago, Heather and I had the honor of telling the hacks LATFOR Commission how they are subverting democracy in New York State. When I testified, Senator Nozzolio said this to explain why the proposed 16th Senate District was drawn the way it was: You asked a question, I’ll give you an answer. The question is, why is this district the way it’s configured? Well that is the very first Asian-American seat in the history of New York State. The very … Read More

Open Letter to Governor Cuomo: Stand Strong on Redistricting Reform!

This year, ACT NOW has joined with concerned New Yorkers across the state in the fight to end rampant gerrymandering and to institute a system of non-partisan redistricting. Along the way, we have been heartened that a majority of our legislators in both houses have signed a pledge promising support for this crucial reform. We have also been encouraged that our governor, Andrew Cuomo, has promised to veto any redistricting proposal that comes from the flawed, incumbent-controlled process.

However, our legislators have fallen back on their promises — and indeed left for summer recess without even bringing this issue to the floor. Now, the fate of fair redistricting rests on Governor Cuomo, and his ability to not just keep his promise to veto the incumbent-drawn lines, but also to show the leadership that this reform needs and deserves. Today, we call on Governor Cuomo to do just that, and we encourage you to get involved by calling his office yourself at (518) 474-8390 TODAY. Read More

Non-Partisan Redistricting:
Can You Hear Me Now?

Like Jess, it was not without some trepidation that I sat down to testify at New York’s LATFOR redistricting hearings. For several months ACT NOW has been working to end gerrymandering in New York State, and that means dissolving the incumbent-controlled LATFOR redistricting commission altogether and forming a non-partisan commission in its place. To this end, we have held rallies, we have called our legislators, we have traveled to Albany to speak to them face-to-face. Why do we do all this? … Read More

Redistricting: Manhattan Hearing

I don’t know about you, but public speaking scares me. I remember watching Michael J. Fox go in front of congress for a bill to fight against Parkinsons. I thought “I could never do that.” I also thought of the McCarthy hearings and all the U.S. Supreme Court judges that have to go in front of some very crafty senators and dodge some bullets. Well, I was going to face LATFOR and they are not known for their gracious handling … Read More

Non-Partisan Redistricting — LATFOR Edition

This spring and summer, ACTivists have been out in force to end gerrymandering in New York State and to make non-partisan redistricting a reality. (For background on the issue, click here and here.) Unfortunately, our legislature has still not passed non-partisan redistricting even though they promised, and now the redistricting process has started. No, not the non-partisan process New Yorkers desire and deserve, but the same-old process – LATFOR, for short – that has thus far been responsible for drawing unfair … Read More

Non-Partisan Redistricting – The Basics

For five years, ACT NOW has been chipping away at dysfunction in Albany, one election at a time. With five State Senate wins and a victorious Attorney General race under our belt, we’ve already made a big dent. But if we’ve learned anything, it’s that Albany needs broad, systemic reform to force elected officials to listen to their constituents. This year, redistricting has the potential to do just that – but only if we do it right. That means non-partisan … Read More

Saturday: Draw the Line on Gerrymandering

This Saturday, March 26th, join ACT NOW and our friends from the New Roosevelt Initiative as we spread the word about non-partisan redistricting in New York.  This crucial reform has won the support of Governor Cuomo and of the State Assembly, but now is being held up by Republicans in the State Senate — even though they pledged to support it back when they were running for re-election. You can read more about this issue on our handy blog post … Read More

Where’s Aaron Sorkin When You Need Him?

[ Above: NY state capitol in Albany. Photo: wallyg ] Remember back in the day when Albany was a festering wasteland of corruption, incompetence, and general dysfunction? No, not those times. This time. Or maybe this time. Or is it this time? My feeble mind gets so easily confused. Well, I’m sure glad all that is behind us! These days I wake up, breathing the fresh air of competence and moral fortitude that wafts all the way from Albany down … Read More