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The Truth About Medicare

If Grandpa or Grandma in Florida are worried that Obamacare threatens Medicare, here’s your short answer: You have paid into Medicare for years and rely upon it.  When you need it, it will be there.  Obama has not cut anything from Medicare.  There are NO CUTS TO MEDICARE BENEFITS.  Obama stopped the government from OVERPAYING for Medicare Advantage.  Now, America’s seniors won’t keep subsidizing private insurance marketing, profits and administration.  Those savings help pay for better health care for everyone, including you.  Anyone who … Read More

Live Long and Prosper

Let’s start with the most basic proposition: Government is run by the people for the benefit of the people; private insurance companies exist to make a profit for investors.  Why else would we need a law to make insurance companies cover children with pre-existing conditions?  Why else would we need a law to make them cover check-ups and preventative care?  Why else would we need a law to keep your insurance company from dropping you if you get sick?  The private insurance system … Read More

Lawyers and Weiners and Bears, Oh My!

Not much going on in the political world this week, save for hitting a double-dip housing recession, failing to pass a bill without which the economy will crumble, and oh ya, Sarah Palin rode a bus! But here are some things to distract you from your hump day blues: Maybe Anthony Weiner is rethinking whether it’s such a good idea to run for Mayor anymore. And since he’s already taken some positions that automatically make me not want to support him for … Read More

Taking A Step Back

Hochul won! Medicare is saved! Democrats rule! Obama will be president forever! Tuesday was a fun day. Winning elections is fun, and not only was the NY-26 race in our backyard, but Hochul’s victory delivered a severe blow to the GOP plan to destroy Medicare. Nonetheless, I feel like it might be worth taking a step back.

Oh, Just Die Already!

How much longer do we have to put up with these bigoted, homophobic morons and their ridiculously antiquated views on everything and anything? I was actually pleased to read an article about Republicans the other day (shocking, I know…), when the Times ran an article about how major GOP donors in New York state were donating to groups trying to pass marriage equality legislation here in New York. They are donating so much, in fact, that they’re providing the bulk … Read More

Why Hating Old People Is Bad: A Lesson For My Republican Friends

Don’t look now, but the GOP may be headed for a big embarrassment in a couple of weeks. More embarrassing than that time when a bunch of Republican senators thought they’d seen a picture of dead Osama Bin Laden, only to find out it was a fake? Yep. More embarrassing than when Senator Ensign had to abruptly resign because he was about to get hung out to dry by the Senate Ethics Committee? You betcha (after all, Ensign was already not running for re-election, … Read More