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Wherein Republicans and the Media Completely Fail to Understand Anything Obama Said Yesterday

So what did you think about President Obama’s speech yesterday discussing his rationale for getting involved in Libya? Some of the people I spoke with said they thought the speech was defensive and uninspiring. Others found it forthright, presenting a cogent rationale for why we’re in Libya and not in, say, Yemen. What I found most interesting about the speech was that President Obama gave a detailed response of why we ended up in Libya and why it was beneficial … Read More

Walking and Chewing Gum At The Same Time

Please indulge a (hopefully) quick rant about something that has been driving me crazy the past few days. As I seem to need to do often lately, I’ll start with a disclaimer that says I understand people have different and conflicting feelings about our military excursion into Libya. I would guess that I have at various times in the past couple of weeks probably had as many conflicts inside my own head about the whole ordeal as many progressives have … Read More

Wilson Would Be Pleased

So as most everyone has probably heard at this point, the UN Security Council has approved the use of airstrikes to try to stop Qaddafi’s push to overcome the Libyan rebels. Now, everyone is going to differ on whether UN-sanctioned airstrikes into Libya is a good idea, especially among us liberals. And I think there are good arguments to be made on all sides of the debate. It would also make for a great blog post, so perhaps I’ll try … Read More

They’re Playing Their Song

Over at TPM, Josh Marshall is puzzling over what he calls “The Chorus for War,” that most familiar of refrains ringing out from the singing heads on cable news. After correctly appraising their policy prescriptions as utterly batty, he attempts to make sense of the widespread excitement for military engagement in Libya, eventually boiling it down to a standby metaphor that, in this case, doesn’t seem actually to describe anything in particular.