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Taking A Step Back

Hochul won! Medicare is saved! Democrats rule! Obama will be president forever! Tuesday was a fun day. Winning elections is fun, and not only was the NY-26 race in our backyard, but Hochul’s victory delivered a severe blow to the GOP plan to destroy Medicare. Nonetheless, I feel like it might be worth taking a step back.

Why Hating Old People Is Bad: A Lesson For My Republican Friends

Don’t look now, but the GOP may be headed for a big embarrassment in a couple of weeks. More embarrassing than that time when a bunch of Republican senators thought they’d seen a picture of dead Osama Bin Laden, only to find out it was a fake? Yep. More embarrassing than when Senator Ensign had to abruptly resign because he was about to get hung out to dry by the Senate Ethics Committee? You betcha (after all, Ensign was already not running for re-election, … Read More