Topic: Jack Martins

“Temper Tantrum” for Democracy?

Our coalition’s March 26th event in the district of State Senator and opponent of redistricting reform, Jack Martins (R-Nassau), has already churned up a lot of media attention. With coverage by Capital Tonight and the Long Island Herald, Martins is feeling the heat. Certainly, the Senator is getting a bit hot under the collar, referring to our campaign (via a spokesperson) as “a temper tantrum” and a rally by a wide range of New Yorkers as “a field trip.” Fear … Read More

Non-Partisan Redistricting – The Basics

For five years, ACT NOW has been chipping away at dysfunction in Albany, one election at a time. With five State Senate wins and a victorious Attorney General race under our belt, we’ve already made a big dent. But if we’ve learned anything, it’s that Albany needs broad, systemic reform to force elected officials to listen to their constituents. This year, redistricting has the potential to do just that – but only if we do it right. That means non-partisan … Read More

Saturday: Draw the Line on Gerrymandering

This Saturday, March 26th, join ACT NOW and our friends from the New Roosevelt Initiative as we spread the word about non-partisan redistricting in New York.  This crucial reform has won the support of Governor Cuomo and of the State Assembly, but now is being held up by Republicans in the State Senate — even though they pledged to support it back when they were running for re-election. You can read more about this issue on our handy blog post … Read More