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Live Long and Prosper

Let’s start with the most basic proposition: Government is run by the people for the benefit of the people; private insurance companies exist to make a profit for investors.  Why else would we need a law to make insurance companies cover children with pre-existing conditions?  Why else would we need a law to make them cover check-ups and preventative care?  Why else would we need a law to keep your insurance company from dropping you if you get sick?  The private insurance system … Read More

A Healthy Reaction

Knowing that Supreme Court was going to hand down its decision about Obamacare yesterday morning, I did what any self-protecting progressive might be tempted to do: I took a walk. I try to do this every day, but yesterday it seemed essential to my sanity, and I lingered along my favorite spots. And rather than turn on the television where I might be flagellated when I came inside, I consulted my laptop. And that’s where I learned the astonishing news … Read More

Universal Appeal:
Health Care Reform and the High Court

Last Friday, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta struck down as unconstitutional the important “individual mandate” provision of the health care reform law. (The Eleventh Circuit left other aspects of the law intact, unlike the lower court, which had invalidated the whole thing.) The individual mandate is the part of the law that, beginning in 2014, would require Americans to carry health insurance, as a way of trying to stop the shifting of health care costs from the … Read More

Why Hating Old People Is Bad: A Lesson For My Republican Friends

Don’t look now, but the GOP may be headed for a big embarrassment in a couple of weeks. More embarrassing than that time when a bunch of Republican senators thought they’d seen a picture of dead Osama Bin Laden, only to find out it was a fake? Yep. More embarrassing than when Senator Ensign had to abruptly resign because he was about to get hung out to dry by the Senate Ethics Committee? You betcha (after all, Ensign was already not running for re-election, … Read More

Open Letter to Representative Michael E. McMahon

Below is a letter ACT NOW sent to Michael E. McMahon on Friday, March 19th, reminding him of the urgent calls of his constituents, who signed over 800 letters in support of health care reform in the fall. These letters were collected by our volunteers at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and were sent in bulk to McMahon’s office. We spoke to Congressman McMahon after he cast his vote against health care reform, and he shared his reasons, many of … Read More

Open Letter to Representative Michael E. McMahon

Dear Congressman McMahon, ACT NOW is one of New York’s largest grassroots mobilization organizations and we’ve been talking to people — many of them your constituents — about serious health care reform. Doctors and other medical professionals, business owners, and patients of every age and condition agree that the system no longer works and must be reformed. Because the health care industry approaches 20% of our economy, its collapse would dramatically impact every American. That collapse is preventable. We are … Read More

The House makes History!

After decades of attempts, the House of Representatives has finally managed to do the work the American people sent them there to do. At 11:15 p.m. on Saturday night, the House voted to pass their health insurance reform bill.

But of course, the path to true health care reform is long, and though it’s end may be in sight, we’ve still got a lot of walking to do.

The biggest obstacle to reform continues to be the Senate, where a few conservative Democrats threaten to join Republicans in filibustering the Democratic bill, because it contains a public option.

Perhaps the most odious of these conservadems is Joe Lieberman, despite the fact that his state overwhelmingly supports health care reform that includes a public option.

This past Saturday, 19 determined ACTivists (including Richard Davis, who took the photo above) got together and phone banked into Connecticut. We made hundreds of calls encouraging Lieberman’s constituents to tell Joe just how upset they are with him, and that voting against health care reform is not acceptable.

Given the success of this last phone bank, we are planning for another on November 21st, same time and place. So please come and bring all your friends!

Click here to RSVP for the “Wake up, Joe!” phone bank.

ACTivists, we are further down the path towards health reform than we’ve ever been before. But much remains to be done. Let’s see this one through and finally claim the victory that has eluded reformers for nearly a century! Read More