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Who’s Counting? And Who Counts?

What can I tell you about the Iowa Republican Primary that you don’t know already? That Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were neck and neck for most of the evening? That Romney “won” by only eight votes? That libertarian Ron Paul was close on their heels? That Newt Gingrich seemed dead in the water, having missed the deadline for the South Carolina primary, but announced he was headed for New Hampshire? That Michelle Bachman dropped out today after her poor … Read More

Granite State of Mind

This morning the Manchester Union-Leader, an influential newspaper in New Hampshire, endorsed Republican presidential candidate New Gingrich for the January 10, 2012 New Hampshire primary. The Union-Leader passed over frontrunner Mitt Romney despite (or perhaps because of) their familiarity with him from his time as governor of neighboring Massachusetts, several years of his assiduously courting NH voters and the newspaper’s editorial staff, and his large lead in current NH primary polls. Political media have had their sights trained on the Granite State … Read More