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Newt Gingrich: Occupy New Hampshire

By the looks of it, Newt Gingrich may start an Occupy group if he loses the New Hampshire primary today. He’s just that concerned about the power of the 1%. And, by the 1%, I mean Mitt Romney. Back in October, I suggested that the most compelling electoral strategy to defeat Romney was to make the election about Wall Street, with Romney as its plunderer-in-chief. “The only viable option is to turn the very name ‘Romney’ into a synonym for … Read More

Who’s Counting? And Who Counts?

What can I tell you about the Iowa Republican Primary that you don’t know already? That Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were neck and neck for most of the evening? That Romney “won” by only eight votes? That libertarian Ron Paul was close on their heels? That Newt Gingrich seemed dead in the water, having missed the deadline for the South Carolina primary, but announced he was headed for New Hampshire? That Michelle Bachman dropped out today after her poor … Read More

My Forecast: This Thing is Done

I’m penning this just before results from the Iowa caucuses start to roll in. Why? Because I don’t think that they matter much at all. (Don’t worry: I have no plans to visit Iowa in the near future.) I’ve been saying it for several months (since October 28th to be precise): the GOP race is already wrapped up for Mitt Romney. There’ve been twists and turns along the way, including the stunning rise and fall of Newt. Like many people, … Read More

Presidential Suicide Bomber

It looks like Rick Perry isn’t the only one with an “oops” moment these days. Like many primary-watchers, I completely misread the Newt Gingrich situation. Just a month ago, I referred to Intrade’s seemingly overstated forecast of Gingrich’s 11% chances of winning the nomination as “madness.” Now, his Intrade odds stand at 35% and he leads in most polls, including those in Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Oops. At the very least, I’m in good company. According to … Read More

Granite State of Mind

This morning the Manchester Union-Leader, an influential newspaper in New Hampshire, endorsed Republican presidential candidate New Gingrich for the January 10, 2012 New Hampshire primary. The Union-Leader passed over frontrunner Mitt Romney despite (or perhaps because of) their familiarity with him from his time as governor of neighboring Massachusetts, several years of his assiduously courting NH voters and the newspaper’s editorial staff, and his large lead in current NH primary polls. Political media have had their sights trained on the Granite State … Read More

Tree-Hugging Job Killers

I almost gasped this morning at a New York Times article, which related how GOP presidential candidates accuse the Environmental Protection Agency of undercutting the economy. Worse yet, many of them continue to call for shutting the EPA down entirely. I know that this is standard stuff for today’s Republican Party. But, somehow, I’m still outraged. Just a year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf — which, economically speaking, has required a setting aside of a $20 … Read More