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A Must-Read Essay

For most New Yorkers, the word “public” is a good thing: public transportation, public libraries, public parks, public sanitation, and, much of the time, public schools and even public welfare and public housing. Not that we don’t have our complaints. Most of us are well aware that the services we depend on are too often diminished and undependable. But very few of us would venture that they should be abolished. Even our billionaire mayor takes the subway.

Speaking Union

I wrote on Tuesday about the challenge of marketing unions to a young audience. Just a few hours later, I saw this video.

Manufacturing Solidarity?

Labor has a serious marketing problem. This challenge was brought to life by an interesting event that I attended yesterday about the labor movement and younger workers. The speakers did a good job of discussing the galvanizing effects of events in Wisconsin, as well as the ongoing unionization drives in industries like higher ed and publishing. While I’m sympathetic to those who are trying to improve the lives of workers, what struck me most about the event was how alien … Read More

Wisconsin: simplicity wins

Your high school English teacher was right. Sometimes it’s best to make your point as simply as possible. Amid all of the lofty and apocalyptic rhetoric about the battle in Wisconsin over collective bargaining rights for public employees, this video clip caught my eye.