Topic: foreign policy

Grading Obama on Foreign Affairs

If you had to give President Obama a grade in International Affairs for these past three years, what would it be?  A plus?  B minus?  “Incomplete”?  For my part, I give him (and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, key architect of his foreign policy) an A minus, for a job well done, with room for improvement. It’s been interesting to watch Republicans try to find fault in every foreign policy decision Obama has made, without much of a coherent theme or a credible … Read More

Americans Heart Democracy

Like most of America, it seems, I’ve been heartened watching the last couple weeks of protests play out in Egypt. It’s amazing to watch history unfold in front of your eyes and know you’re watching these moments live and breathe, second by second, that generations after you will read about in history books (or history iPads or whatever…). But there’s an aspect to the last couple of weeks that I’ve also been particularly buoyed by, and that’s the fact that, … Read More