Topic: Energy

On Being Oικονομικoς (Economical)

Several months ago, I extolled the virtues of a tax “to raise the price of” energy use, one that would “capture the cost of the social harm and deter its casual infliction.” To make it politically palatable, the taxes collected could be rebated to all Americans equally so that there would be no “net tax” — it would simply reward the energy-frugal and punish the energy-gluttonous.

Fat Chance: Sating Energy Appetites

I don’t know whether energy journalist Amanda Little has been inhaling petrochemicals recently. But her latest opinion piece in the Times may have been written under the influence. I don’t usually spend my time bashing well-intentioned journalists. For one thing, it isn’t particularly polite. For another thing, it doesn’t actually solve any problems. But I thought that Ms. Little’s piece was such a stark illustration of good intentions standing in for good ideas that I couldn’t ignore it.


Join DFNYC, the Greater Astoria Historical Society and other groups for a film screening of Gasland, the documentary about hydrofracking, a controversial technique for drilling for natural gas that has NY State progressives up in arms.