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Surprise! NY Rep. Chris Lee Resigns

Well, this is certainly unexpected.  It looks like we are about to have an open seat in New York’s own congressional delegation. Yesterday, Representative Chris Lee, who in 2010 pledged to “shrink Washington, grow Western New York,” instead watched his career shrink while rumors of his illicit Internet flirtation grew (see what we did there?).  Unfortunately for Lee, his fellow electronic flirter sent their steamy communications straight to Gawker, once she put together that he lied about his age (46, not … Read More


Tough night, right? Certainly one to spend among friends. We were with some of our best friends: you guys. In fact, as unpleasant as most of last night’s results were, we take comfort in knowing that we fought so good a fight in such good company.

Of course, we’d feel a lot better, still, if we could have won our targeted races. But ACT NOW’s mission is to take on the tough fights, the ones where we can make a real difference. And sometimes that means losing. Read More

The Final Stretch

With just a few days left until election day, both PA-SEN (Sestak v. Toomey) and NY-19 (Hall v. Hayworth) have turned into absolute nail-biters. Now these races, once considered long-shots, hinge on the grassroots GOTV efforts that support each candidate. Frankly, we think this bodes well for the good guys; after all, it’s what we do best.

We’ve got a full slate of events between now and Election Day to ensure New York and Pennsylvania send good progressives back to Washington. Signing up is easy– just click “RSVP” for the event you’d like to attend on the chart below. Read More

ACT NOW for Joe Sestak and John Hall

This month, join ACT NOW as we reach out to thousands of voters on behalf of two great candidates — Joe Sestak and John Hall!

Joe Sestak is running for the Senate in Pennsylvania. As a Congressman, Sestak has been a strong progressive voice, fighting for financial reform and health care reform. His Republican opponent, Pat Toomey, is the picture of right-wing conservativism, a former Wall Street trader who was also the president of the anti-regulation Club for Growth.

Sestak is currently down in the polls and needs our help to make sure voters know that the policies of trickle-down Toomey are the cause of our country’s current problems, not the cure!

Join our Monday phone banks for Sestak

Join our Saturday and Election Day canvasses for Sestak

Next up, we’re helping John Hall hold onto his hard-won House seat. Hall represents a traditionally Republican district (NY-19), but has been a strong progressive vote in the House, supporting financial reform, health care reform, and key environmental issues. His Republican challenger, Nan Hayworth, believes in (yawn) tax cuts for the rich, deregulation, and other “solutions” that have directly contributed to our country’s current financial crisis.

Join our Sunday and Election Day canvasses for John Hall

ACTivists, this is a make-it-or-break-it time for the country. As progressives, we can either build on our gains from 2008 or watch it all go down the drain. Join us and we’ll keep the momentum going! Read More

Help us choose our November campaigns!

With two successful primary season campaigns behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the general election.

Progressives at all levels of government have huge fights ahead of them, and ACT NOW needs to decide where to devote our time and energy.


There are no shortage of exciting campaigns this year. Will we take buses to Pennsylvania to help Joe Sestak defeat Club-for-Growth-darling Pat Toomey? Will we head to Westchester County to help John Hall keep his House seat, or ride out to Long Island and help Tim Bishop keep his? Maybe we should focues on statewide races, like continuing our work to get Eric Schneiderman into the Attorney General’s office?

As always, the ACT NOW team will be doing the math to see how close the races are and how much of an impact we can make.

But the most important factor is you: we need to know where you want to go, for whom you want to work, and how much time you have to devote.


November 2010!

At ACT NOW, we try to focus on a few high priority campaigns where we think our volunteer activism can make a decisive difference. Here are some of the things we look for: Highly competitive race Important elected office Progressive candidate and/or reactionary opponent Geographic proximity to NYC We’ve put together a short list of general election races that might make sense, and we want to know what you think. Please take a moment to help us determine where our … Read More