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On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin!

[ Cross-posted at ProgWoman ] What has been happening in Madison, Wisconsin, should cheer anyone who has lost hope in American democracy. It is even balm for the despair many of us feel about the often passive Democratic Party. While the Democratic state senators Governor Scott Walker needs to kill collective bargaining remain holed up in an Illinois motel, thousands of protestors—public workers and their supporters— fill the public spaces of the Wisconsin’s rococo capitol building. Many of them have … Read More

The Dubious Value of Tests

Last week, Andrew noted with some anguish that while NYC schools have boosted their graduation rates to around 64 percent (still not a passing grade in my book), only 23 percent are considered ready for college or work. Part of the problem, I think, is that school curricula here and across the nation have gotten tied to the tests they use to evaluate students. Math and reading drive these tests, and other subjects are neglected. This might make you think … Read More