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Negotiation 101

I started the MBA program at Penn this week, and signed up for a three-day lecture series by Professor Gilead Sher, who led public and covert negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians from 1999-2001. The course, Negotiating in Times of Crisis, is wildly oversubscribed. But I think I should try to get a seat for President Obama. The Debt Ceiling debacle suggests that the President might benefit from some pointers. As any fuming liberal will tell you, the 11th-hour “compromise” … Read More

“Disruptive, Not Catastrophic”

As a soon-to-be Pennsylvanian, I feel obliged to highlight the sheer ideological recklessness of one of my senators, the eminent Pat Toomey (R). (As a reminder, we at ACT NOW worked our butts off to defeat Toomey in his race against Democrat Joe Sestak in 2010. Sadly, normally moderate Pennsylvanians decided that what they needed most in the midst of a deep recession was an ideological successor to Rick Santorum.)

Identity As Ideology (Or The Other Way Around?)

[ photo: A_N_D_R_E_A_S ] Gallup released what was, to me, a pretty shocking poll today. They asked Americans whether they favored or opposed raising the debt ceiling. And, according to this particular poll, a 47% plurality opposed raising the debt ceiling. To make things worse, only 19% favored raising it.