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Things That Make Me Happy

Folks who know me might on most days be hesitant to call me an optimist. They might point out that I’m quick to espouse the negatives in any situation and skeptical of the positives. They might even be so bold as to pronounce me a pessimist at heart. Plus, I did just post about a bunch of things that make me angry… Nonetheless, so as to not have my fine name further besmirched by such pronouncements, and to prove that … Read More

Things That Make Me Angry

I know I’m not the only one that misses Kenan’s linkathon posts. And I feel like all I’ve done today is read one article after another that makes me angry. So I thought I would post up a few links and share my anger with the rest of the Progressive community. After all, misery loves company, or something.

1,046 Days of Solitude

It’s not easy being Mayor. As simple as that statement sounds, the last two months have reminded New Yorkers that Mayor Bloomberg has, at times, made the job look easier than it is. For Bloomberg supporters, this is a testament to his efficiency and accomplishments. The Mayor’s opponents, however, would argue that this ‘ease’ is a reflection of a top-down approach and a narrow governing strategy. Regardless of one’s side of this issue, it’s beginning to look like Mayor Bloomberg … Read More