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Canvassing in Virginia

ACT NOW has been keeping an intense focus on Virginia since the summer with our weekly phone banks, and many of our volunteers have been making trips to the northern part of the state to canvass the neighborhoods. The bad news is that Virginia is back to being tied in the polls. The good news is that Obama campaign has twice as many ground offices in VA than Romney (61 to 28). This advantage will prove to be crucial on election … Read More

Internet Pioneers: How Will They Vote?

Jack Schlossberg, John F. Kennedy’s grandson, is urging young voters like himself to vote for President Obama. “President Obama understands what our generation contributed in 2008,” he wrote in a column published today on CNN. “He knows where we stand on issues and he agrees with us — he’s been our biggest ally in Washington since the start of his presidency.” Schlossberg cites Obama’s positions on women’s and gay rights, education, healthcare, and immigration as reasons to stick with the … Read More

It’s Time. Let’s Do This.

The Presidential election is upon us and rarely has there been an election more critical to the health of our nation. A fair tax code and a humane health care system are on the line. The fate of Medicare, of environmental protections, of school loans and sane banking regulations all hang in the balance. The progress that has been made in the march towards gay rights and racial justice could easily be erased with the election of a President Romney. … Read More

The Truth About Medicare

If Grandpa or Grandma in Florida are worried that Obamacare threatens Medicare, here’s your short answer: You have paid into Medicare for years and rely upon it.  When you need it, it will be there.  Obama has not cut anything from Medicare.  There are NO CUTS TO MEDICARE BENEFITS.  Obama stopped the government from OVERPAYING for Medicare Advantage.  Now, America’s seniors won’t keep subsidizing private insurance marketing, profits and administration.  Those savings help pay for better health care for everyone, including you.  Anyone who … Read More

Live Long and Prosper

Let’s start with the most basic proposition: Government is run by the people for the benefit of the people; private insurance companies exist to make a profit for investors.  Why else would we need a law to make insurance companies cover children with pre-existing conditions?  Why else would we need a law to make them cover check-ups and preventative care?  Why else would we need a law to keep your insurance company from dropping you if you get sick?  The private insurance system … Read More

Radical Hugs

(x-posted at progwoman) It’s too bad right-wing provocateur Andrew Breitbart never met Derrick Bell, because it might have made him a better man. Of all the news that surfaced after Breitbart’s sudden death, I was most stunned by the evidence that he was preparing to use Professor Bell to attack President Obama. Perhaps you’ve seen the clips of The Hug, taken by WGBH in 1991 while Obama was a student at Harvard Law School. Student Obama introduced Professor Bell to … Read More

Rick Perry and Race, Round Two

In this week’s Unbelievable Show of Racial Ignorance (trademark pending), Rick Perry wins the gold medal for bringing back birtherism. Appropriately, political figures on both sides of the the aisle (with few exceptions) condemned the comments, and Perry quickly backed off. Except his backpedaling wasn’t an apology, it was framed as a joke! LOLZ, just a really funny joke!