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Stay Awhile
( OR It’s Probably Time for Weiner to Stay. )

Despite what you may hear about our nation’s failing public schools, my classmates and I learned well at least one invaluable skill during our high school years: how to avoid work. There are innumerable strategies in which we all became proficient, but the easiest, and most effective, was to simply distract whoever was making you do the work with something shiny.

In practice, this usually meant asking teachers about their kids. If they took the bait, you could often bank 10 solid minutes of blissful, frivolous, undemanding chit-chat.

And this is why I’m not ready to show Representative Weiner the door just yet. Read More

It’s Probably Time For Weiner to Go

I don’t particularly care that Congressman Weiner was “sexting” with various women during the past few years. To me, it has far less to do with his ability to be a person I want representing me in office than does his pugilistic style that has lambasted the idiocy of the Right, time and time again over the past few years, years when we’ve really needed someone engaging in that fight. The fact that he would go home, after tearing into … Read More

Lawyers and Weiners and Bears, Oh My!

Not much going on in the political world this week, save for hitting a double-dip housing recession, failing to pass a bill without which the economy will crumble, and oh ya, Sarah Palin rode a bus! But here are some things to distract you from your hump day blues: Maybe Anthony Weiner is rethinking whether it’s such a good idea to run for Mayor anymore. And since he’s already taken some positions that automatically make me not want to support him for … Read More