Author: Paul Weidner

Paul is a stage and theater director, a novelist, and an indefatigable organizer with ACT NOW. Association with said organization allows him to have fun with a lot of fun people, pounding the hard pavements of places like Yonkers, Queens, Norristown (PA), and Nassau County, and, of course, celebrating afterwards.

Squaring Off with Citizens United

For starters : I think the Supreme Court made the right call in Citizens United.

The killer side-effect of that call – distortion of the election process by huge corporate wealth – is undeniable. But do we really want to go after, per se, the free expression of corporate speech?

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…” This sweeping statement doesn’t specify what speech is unabridged – therefore, all speech is unabridged, right? whether by myself, my block association, my union, the New York Times Corporation, or Chevron. Read More

ACT NOW joins OWS Birthday March over the Brooklyn Bridge

A group of ACT NOW organizers and members joined the demonstration at Foley Square on Thursday. Many of us made the march all the way across the bridge to Brooklyn, and, despite the jostle of the crowd, managed mostly to stick together. None of us could understand a thing being said at Foley, mics or no mics, but we enjoyed each other’s company while waiting for the march to take off. When it did, it wound all the way around … Read More

The Case for Campaign Finance Reform in New York State

In his push for ethics reform in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo is calling for campaign finance reform, addressing the pernicious influence of big (corporate) money in state politics: he’s all for clean money, clean elections. In states where public financing of election campaigns has already been enacted – in some for a number of years – there are variations in its structure, but the basics are these: