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Warren Buffett and the Super-Rich

I’m sure most ACT NOW blog readers have read Warren Buffett’s piece in the New York Times about the need to “stop coddling the super-rich” in the United States. But here it is. The real crux of the Buffett op-ed is a powerful indictment of our current tax system and its gross inequities. Buffett, who is not shy with his opinions, writes: Last year my federal tax bill — the income tax I paid, as well as payroll taxes paid … Read More

Update on the Mayoral Horse-Race

With Anthony Weiner likely out of the 2013 Mayoral election, the remaining prospective candidates for Mayor have announced their fundraising totals for this cycle. Per today’s Wall Street Journal: Christine Quinn: $1.32 raised, $4 million on hand. Scott Stringer: $655,000 raised, $2.45 million on hand Bill de Blasio: $675,000 raised, $1.06 million on hand Bill Thompson: $250,000 raised, $250,000 on hand John Liu: Hasn’t released final total. Had $513,000 raised as of last filing.

From Wisconsin to the Streets…

If you’ve been following the Wisconsin saga at all (and even if you haven’t, because it’s everywhere), then you know that Gov. Walker has pushed a bill in the State Legislature that would seriously undermine the collective bargaining process.   At ACT NOW, we believe that the collective bargaining process, the right to organize, and labor unions are essential to the nation.  And we’re not ones to talk without action… so we’re taking it to the streets. Join us today … Read More

1,046 Days of Solitude

It’s not easy being Mayor. As simple as that statement sounds, the last two months have reminded New Yorkers that Mayor Bloomberg has, at times, made the job look easier than it is. For Bloomberg supporters, this is a testament to his efficiency and accomplishments. The Mayor’s opponents, however, would argue that this ‘ease’ is a reflection of a top-down approach and a narrow governing strategy. Regardless of one’s side of this issue, it’s beginning to look like Mayor Bloomberg … Read More