Author: Jordan

Jordan Budd, a native of South Florida, studies at New York University, concentrating in Black Intellectual Thought. Over the last five years, he has tirelessly worked with grassroots political movements across the country and has been uniquely shaped by a diversity of communities, locations, and successes.

Rick Perry and Race, Round Two

In this week’s Unbelievable Show of Racial Ignorance (trademark pending), Rick Perry wins the gold medal for bringing back birtherism. Appropriately, political figures on both sides of the the aisle (with few exceptions) condemned the comments, and Perry quickly backed off. Except his backpedaling wasn’t an apology, it was framed as a joke! LOLZ, just a really funny joke!

Where Is The Compassion?

I am a Christian. Because I am a Christian, I am a progressive. I believe in loving my neighbor as myself and caring for “the least among you.” For some reason, when it comes to most “Christians,” especially those who align themselves with the Christian Right, I am in the minority.

A More Perfect 99%

Last Friday, Atlanta’s outfit of Occupy Wall Street, or “The 99% Movement” as some have begun calling it, turned John Lewis away from speaking. Before you watch the video below, take the time to remember who John Lewis is:

In Defense of Herman Cain

Yeah, I can’t believe it, either. Herman Cain is the same guy who frequently employs islamophobia and thinks those poors only have themselves to blame. He is anti-gay and anti-choice. Simply put, he’s dangerous to almost anyone who isn’t a straight, white male. Except not anymore. Watch Herman Cain call Rick Perry ‘insensitive’ over racial slur.

Whose Street is it Anyway?

I have a lot of thoughts about the current “occupation of Wall Street.” To put it simply, I believe that the protesters are right – corporate greed has royally screwed not only our economy, but our humanity. Whether you find capitalism to be the perfect economic system or not, there’s no denying that it has been manipulated and abused in order to benefit the wealthy few. Just look around – you shouldn’t need a chart to understand that those are … Read More