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Jessica Vicuna is an organizer for ACTNOW and blogs for the organization. She really, really likes math - In fact, her heroes are Gauss and Futurama writer, Ken Keeler. Check out her twitter page where she makes fun of fellow blogger and web genius Kenan Rubenstein.

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Why I Don’t Trust The NYPD

During Ed Koch’s tenure as Mayor, when I was a little girl in Bushwick, I remember noticing very few police officers in my neighborhood. If I did see cops, they would skid off the road, park their cars in front of a fire hydrant, and hang out with the drug dealers by the corner. I didn’t know at the time that they were stopping by to get a cut from the dealers. The dealers stayed out of jail while the … Read More

Redistricting: Manhattan Hearing

I don’t know about you, but public speaking scares me. I remember watching Michael J. Fox go in front of congress for a bill to fight against Parkinsons. I thought “I could never do that.” I also thought of the McCarthy hearings and all the U.S. Supreme Court judges that have to go in front of some very crafty senators and dodge some bullets. Well, I was going to face LATFOR and they are not known for their gracious handling … Read More