Author: Chris Asta

Chris is a long-time Board Member of Act Now. He's been reading political blogs for so long, it's a little sad he's only now begun writing in them himself. He enjoys mucking around in the weeds and minutiae of the political system, and someday hopes to be able to spend enough time there to actually understand it a bit.

Keep PA Blue Campaign Trip #1

More than 50 volunteers from all across New York City gathered bright and early on Saturday morning to journey out to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Our mission: to get out the President’s message of strengthening the middle class and growing a sustainable economy. While enjoying a gorgeous, sunny and warm day in beautiful Bethlehem, we knocked on over 2500 doors and spoke with more than 700 Pennsylvania voters.

It’s Time. Let’s Do This.

The Presidential election is upon us and rarely has there been an election more critical to the health of our nation. A fair tax code and a humane health care system are on the line. The fate of Medicare, of environmental protections, of school loans and sane banking regulations all hang in the balance. The progress that has been made in the march towards gay rights and racial justice could easily be erased with the election of a President Romney. … Read More

Keep Pennsylvania Blue Bus Campaign

Progressive groups all across New York City are coming together to make sure President Obama is re-elected, that the progress that has been made these past years–on health care reform, gay rights, and financial regulation, among others–is not erased by a President Romney indebted to the Tea Partiers that have taken over his party. Join us as we head out to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to make sure the state stays securely in the President’s column.

Obamacare v. Conservatism: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the coming Supreme Court Hearings

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear three consecutive days of arguments on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) a.k.a. “Obamacare”. That might not sound like much time to consider such a momentous issue, but it is nearly unprecedented in the court’s history. Most cases include only an hour of oral argument. That such unusual accommodations are being made suggests that this case is of great importance not just to the American People, but to the Supreme Court … Read More

It’s Probably Time For Weiner to Go

I don’t particularly care that Congressman Weiner was “sexting” with various women during the past few years. To me, it has far less to do with his ability to be a person I want representing me in office than does his pugilistic style that has lambasted the idiocy of the Right, time and time again over the past few years, years when we’ve really needed someone engaging in that fight. The fact that he would go home, after tearing into … Read More

The Republican Economy

At what point is the public going to draw the clear line connecting what is beginning to look a double-dip recession to the Republicans taking power, both ideologically speaking, by turning the conversation in Washington towards being about spending cuts rather than job creation, as well as electorally speaking, by winning the House and increasing their margins in the Senate? Discuss.

Lawyers and Weiners and Bears, Oh My!

Not much going on in the political world this week, save for hitting a double-dip housing recession, failing to pass a bill without which the economy will crumble, and oh ya, Sarah Palin rode a bus! But here are some things to distract you from your hump day blues: Maybe Anthony Weiner is rethinking whether it’s such a good idea to run for Mayor anymore. And since he’s already taken some positions that automatically make me not want to support him for … Read More

Taking A Step Back

Hochul won! Medicare is saved! Democrats rule! Obama will be president forever! Tuesday was a fun day. Winning elections is fun, and not only was the NY-26 race in our backyard, but Hochul’s victory delivered a severe blow to the GOP plan to destroy Medicare. Nonetheless, I feel like it might be worth taking a step back.

Oh, Just Die Already!

How much longer do we have to put up with these bigoted, homophobic morons and their ridiculously antiquated views on everything and anything? I was actually pleased to read an article about Republicans the other day (shocking, I know…), when the Times ran an article about how major GOP donors in New York state were donating to groups trying to pass marriage equality legislation here in New York. They are donating so much, in fact, that they’re providing the bulk … Read More

Lunchbreak Link-A-Thon Shows Its Wisconsin Love

Nice bits of reading all over the web today. Here’s some that I found particularly interesting: Maybe you heard Herb Kohl, Democratic Senator from Wisconsin, is retiring. Yep, it’s a bummer and will make it all the harder to hold the Senate next year. But some of us on the left have taken solace in the hope that Feingold will run for the seat and reclaim his rightful place in the Senate. The blistering (if much-needed) attack on fellow “Democrats” he launched … Read More