Author: ACT NOW

Four Solid Reasons to Vote for Teachout/Wu Next Tuesday

1. Tuesday’s Democratic primary is a rare opportunity to support candidates who articulate a progressive message and the values we espouse. Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu stand for limiting the impact of corporate money on our state government, for protecting our environment from oil and gas interests, for public education and for net neutrality, among other things. 2. Your vote counts! Primary turnout is always low (15% of Democrats voted in the last gubernatorial primary in 2006), so your vote … Read More

Can Facebook Elect a Governor?

Andrew Cuomo has disappointed progressives again and again. He has refused to ban fracking while accepting big donations from oil interests. He disbanded the Moreland Commission to investigate public corruption when its subpoenas landed too close to home and upset his contributors. He worked to keep the State Senate under Republican control. Property taxes are high and there’s not enough money for education, but Cuomo found the money for huge tax breaks for the wealthy.   In June, Cuomo had no opposition. … Read More

Why Vote in the Primary? Aren’t All Politicians the Same Anyway?

If we vote in the primary on September 9th we can pick candidates who will win in November and will fight for progressive causes. We can make it so that when Democrats take over the State Senate we will pass: The Womens Equality Act (equal pay, anti sex trafficking, codifying Rove v Wade into NYS law) The Dream Act (giving undocumented NYS high school graduates equal access to college) A raise in the minimum wage indexed to inflation Public funding … Read More

Governor Cuomo Is Not A Friend Of Progressives

Progressives are finally waking up to the fact that Governor Cuomo is not our friend. Will he face a progressive challenger on the Working Families Party line?

What Can We Do About Albany Corruption?

Call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390 and tell the person who answers that you want Cuomo to keep campaign finance reform with matching funds in the budget. As ACT NOW activists I know you are asking what can be done about the endless stream of corrupt Albany legislators. One answer is campaign finance reform with matching funds for small donations coupled with increased disclosure requirements and tighter donation limits. This was tried with great success in NYC and Governor Cuomo has … Read More

#TopTenAlbanyCrooks #1: Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith, felon-in-waiting, remains in the state senate and plans to run for reelection. He requested that his trial be postponed until after the primary! Smith faces corruption charges because he tried to buy a spot on the Republican line for the 2013 NYC mayoral election by bribing Republican officials. Smith, a Queens Democrat, held the title of Majority Leader for 6 months before being replaced in June 2009 by a bipartisan group of senators, one of the events that … Read More

#TopTenAlbanyCrooks #2: Vito Lopez

Vito Lopez, Brooklyn Assemblymember and Chairman of the Kings County Democratic Party, was a classic party boss who also sexually harassed his female interns. The Daily News said he was “an old-time political boss who rewards loyalty and tries to stomp out opposition. As party boss he controls — with an iron fist — the selection of Brooklyn judges.” Rumors of corruption were often centered around his control of a senior citizens council which received over $100 million in government … Read More

Now’s The Time

In today’s political climate, progressives have learned to temper any optimism with caution, and there’s particular need for it as New York State’s budget approaches final passage next week. Campaign finance reform, the best hope short of a Constitutional amendment for stanching the flow of money that poured into the political process after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, appears to be viable in Albany. Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Assembly and the New York State Senate have all … Read More

#TopTenAlbanyCrooks #3: Pedro Espada

Pedro Espada stole from Soundview Health Center, a federally funded health care clinic in his low income Bronx district, to fund a extravagent lifestyle including parties, vacations and lavish meals. He spent $20,000 on sushi alone! The Attorney General claimed that he looted Soundview for $14 million: $1.7 million in wages, $900,000 in personal expenses including a Mercedes-Benz, and a $9 million deferred compensation deal. Soundview paid $2,500 a month for an unoccupied Bronx apartment so that Espada could claim … Read More

#TopTenAlbanyCrooks #4: State Senator Hiram Monserrate

State Senator Hiram Monserrate was both a crook and a creep. In 2008, he was arrested for slashing his girlfriend in the face with a broken glass, and a security camera captured him dragging her down a hallway by her hair and forcing her outside. The state senate eventually voted 53 to 8 to expel him, but in the meanwhile he and fellow State Senator Pedro Espada formed a coalition with the Republicans in a coup that left the senate … Read More