Board of Directors

Allison Tupper

Allison Tupper’s political activism began with running a recycling center in the West Village, registering voters for McGovern, and fighting Westway. Who remembers neighborhood recycling or McGovern or Westway? Read More

Betsy Malcolm

Betsy Malcolm loves politics and sees political activism as a fundamental part of our democratic process. She has volunteered for numerous campaigns and recently spent two years advocating for marriage equality in New York. Read More

Craig Mills

Opinionated, passionate, and ready for discourse, yet civil and tactful (well, most of the time), Craig enjoys discussing politics and policy. He works as a communications strategist at his new firm, where he likes to help progressives and plain-old entrepreneurs promote their messages more effectively. While he is most definitely not one for “debating” online, if you want to get him going, just say something provocative around him.

Katya Grishakova

Katya G has spent more than 10 years on Wall Street where she has witnessed the entire sausage-making process first hand. Originally from Moscow, she became interested in American politics when she came here in the mid-1990s. Read More

Merle McEldowney

Merle’s first political activity was when, as a child, she slept in church basements to ring door bells for Eugene McCarthy. Walking through the snows of New Hampshire carrying stacks of three-by-five cards for his campaign was just a rehearsal for 2004, when she walked the streets of New Jersey with America Coming Together, carrying computer-generated lists of voters for the John Kerry campaign. Since then Merle has been involved with ACT NOW and other organizations to promote voting and … Read More

Michael Bouldin

Michael Bouldin graduated with a Masters in Communications, Political Science and Comparative Literature from a European university and has been a New Yorker since 1998. The stolen election of 2000 and the start of the Iraq War in 2003 pushed him from contemplation of the political sphere into active engagement with it, escalating by degrees from fuming into marching to blogging and beyond. Read More

Rich Boatti

A lifelong New Yorker, Rich got involved as a volunteer with Act Now in the 2004 election cycle, and continued his activism in 2006 and cycles since.  Rich got his start in politics as an intern in Hilary Clinton’s Senate office in 2003-04.  In 2006, Rich was the Deputy Policy Director for the Tom Suozzi for Governor campaign and from 2005-2007 he served as President of the Fordham Law Democrats while he attended Fordham Law School.  Since 2007, Rich has … Read More


Board Emeriti

Over our eight years together, we’ve had the fortune of working with some pretty exceptional people. They’ve made invaluable contributions to the development of ACT NOW. And they’ve been good friends. Just as New York brings incredible people from all over the world together, it has sent these folks off on new missions, both personal and professional. Many of them are working for a progressive future in other parts of the country. We’re grateful for their dedication to ACT NOW and proud of what they continue to do.

Andrew Weinstein

Andrew joined the nascent ACT New York in spring ‘04 as a volunteer focused on voter registration. He quickly became deeply involved as a Co-Director and was proud to be a founding Co-Director of ACT NOW in early ‘06. Read More

Chris Asta

Chris Asta got into politics by becoming an obsessive political blog-reader. Like many fellow “bloggers”, this led him to Ned Lamont’s senate campaign, on which he worked as a volunteer coordinator during both the insurgent primary and subsequent general election efforts in 2006. Read More

Heather Roberson

The Chair of the ACT NOW Board, Heather Roberson has been with the organization since its inception as an auxiliary to the national America Coming Together (ACT) in 2004. During that time, she moved to the battleground state of Ohio to volunteer for the ACT operations in Cincinnati, where she soon found herself in charge of a large and very energetic phone bank. Read More

Keith Powers

Born and raised in New York City, Keith Powers first got interested in social and political issues while in high school. Formerly the Vice President of the Manhattan Young Democrats, Keith worked with ACT NOW on numerous federal and state level campaigns before joining the Board in 2009. Read More

Kenan Rubenstein

Kenan’s first failure in his lifelong ambition of political apathy occurred in the fall of 2004 when he became entangled with America Coming Together in Pennsylvania. Read More

Margot Albert

Margot Albert first became politically active in the 2004 campaign, during which she traveled on weekends to Las Vegas to canvass with America Coming Together and was inspired upon discovering a groundswell of activism by people from all walks of life. Read More

Rachel Burd

Rachel Burd can only put her wildly diverse background under the heading of “freelance troublemaker.” She has been an organizer, a publicist, an advocate, and a grantwriter for unions, community groups, and labor-community coalitions, and the campaigns she has worked on have included health care, social services, workplace organizing drives, and the arts. Read More

Rebecca Schrag

Rebecca Schrag is a native Manhattanite who is fiercely loyal to the bluest part of this great blue state. She spent much of the summer and fall of 2004 attempting to spread blue-ness by phone banking to swing states and leading bus trips to Pennsylvania. Read More