By now we are all too familiar with the unspeakable horror of this past Friday’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  The young children who will never have the chance to grow up.  The anguished faces of parents and loved ones whose worst nightmares have become reality.

Sadly, our country is no stranger to these kinds of tragedies:  Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tuscon, Aurora, the list goes on.  The question is whether we will keep accepting these senseless murders as the status quo; whether military-style weapons of mass killing, like the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle used in the murderous rampage in Newtown, will continue to be available on demand.  Or whether we will finally come together and say:  Enough.  No more.

They say that the NRA is too politically connected, that the Second Amendment is too strong, that public opinion is too apathetic.  Does that mean we should give up without even trying?  If our politicians aren’t interested in this issue because they’re cowering before the NRA and taking the votes of gun regulation advocates for granted, let’s let them know that we will not be ignored any longer.  And if the gun lobby and their allies oppose even the most reasonable gun regulations, such as a ban on the private purchase of military assault weapons, let’s force them to explain that to the families of those lost in Newtown.

Please — while your outrage is still fresh, call or write your elected representatives and tell them that enough is enough.

The ACT NOW Board


  1. Alan says:

    Thanks for spurring us on, Lenny. I worry that Feinstein’s bill will be seen as enough when it barely is a beginning for this profound issue. I’ve already written to the President and our California representatives. I hope all the ACT folks will engage and urge their own communities to do so.

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