Keep Pennsylvania Blue Bus Campaign

Progressive groups all across New York City are coming together to make sure President Obama is re-elected, that the progress that has been made these past years–on health care reform, gay rights, and financial regulation, among others–is not erased by a President Romney indebted to the Tea Partiers that have taken over his party.

Join us as we head out to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to make sure the state stays securely in the President’s column.

The cost of the trip will be $10 per person, per trip. All payment will be collected on the day of the trip, before the bus leaves. Please bring cash.

  • Saturday: 8 AM
  • Tuesday (Election Day!): 8 AM

We’ll return in time to watch the election results together.

We are: ACT NOW, Chelsea Reform Democrats, Downtown Independent Democrats, Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats, Get On The Bus, Greater New York City for Change, Lower Manhattan Democrats, Manhattan Young Democrats, NYU Law Democrats, the Samuel L. Tilden Democratic Club, Stonewall Democrats, and Village Independent Democrats.

RSVP for Keep Pennsylvania Blue Campaign (Sat, Tues) is closed.