Virginia is for Lovers (of Voter Registration)

This past weekend, ACT NOW volunteers crossed the Mason-Dixon line to head to Virginia, perhaps the single most important state in this year’s presidential election. If Obama wins Virginia, “that’s all folks.” In fact, if Obama can vin Virginia, he still gets the Presidency even if he loses Ohio and Florida and the other, less competitive states go as predicted — even if Romney wins Colorado and Nevada. See how this scenario plays out on this map:

So the bottom line is, if we win Virginia, cue the fat lady and her song.

To that end, ACT NOW volunteers descended on the state’s Arlington area this last weekend and we registered around 50 voters in a day and a half. That may not sound like much, but the campaign says registering one voter per person per half-day shift is the norm, and each voter registered in the Democratic base of the NOVA DC suburbs will not only help Obama, but will also help Democratic Senate Candidate Tim Kaine, House Candidate Brian Moran, and competitive legislative seats in the Virginia House of Delegates. And each new voter will pay dividents not just in this election cycle, but in future cycles for decades to come. It was a great weekend and was a good way to make contacts with the awesome Organizing for America staff in Arlington, who even threw us a party on a boat of one of the field directors on Saturday night!

Here are some pics from this amazing weekend:

Virginia 052

Virginia 101



  1. Betsy Malcolm says:

    Thanks, Rich! For organizing the trip, for the blog post, for everything that you’re doing. The trip was fun and I look forward to working there again soon. Let’s win this thing!

  2. Andrew Weinstein says:

    Congrats to the ACT NOW NOVA team….great job! Voter registration was my gateway to ACTivism and will always be near and dear to my heart…

  3. Alan says:

    Great job, guys! And you had some fun, too. Thanks for pressing this crucial effort forward. How did the folks in VA respond to you northerners?

  4. RIch Boatti says:

    Hi Alan- they were all (with one conservative douchebag exception) very polite and nice. Southern hospitality is a real thing.

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