What Would You Tell the Courts?

We wanted to give our readers an update on our activities in the redistricting campaign and ask for your input as we move forward in the fight against legislative gerrymandering.

As some of you may know, the legislature has not been able to pass a decent redistricting plan, and Governor Cuomo has threatened to veto any unfair lines. So now the courts are getting involved, with a high likelihood that they will end up drawing the lines because of political gridlock. Some ACT NOW members went to a hearing last week in the redistricting case in the federal district court in Brooklyn, and ACT NOW is going to file an amicus brief in the case to let the court know about the policy implications of judicial action or lack thereof. We are planning on talking about how gerrymandering prevents legislator accountability to voters , and all the corruption that encourages, as well as how minorities and communities of interest are disenfranchised when legislators get to pick their voters instead of vice-versa. And we are also open to suggestions from our members on the problems gerrymandering causes and how your local communities are affected by lack of accountability or underrepresentation in either house of the legislature. So please let us know, as we are putting the brief together this week!

Please leave us your comments below, or email them to us at info [at] actnowny [dot] org.

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