Lawyers and Weiners and Bears, Oh My!

Anthony Weiner

photo: forwardstl

Not much going on in the political world this week, save for hitting a double-dip housing recession, failing to pass a bill without which the economy will crumble, and oh ya, Sarah Palin rode a bus! But here are some things to distract you from your hump day blues:

  • Maybe Anthony Weiner is rethinking whether it’s such a good idea to run for Mayor anymore. And since he’s already taken some positions that automatically make me not want to support him for Mayor, and since I think it’s good to have a guy like him in Congress throwing bombs from the left the way so many do on the right, I’m going to take the whole thing as good news…so long as it doesn’t end in his retirement.
  • Did you hear that Obama is politicizing the Justice Department just like Bush did?!? That’s right, when he hires lawyers for the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, which are career jobs (as opposed to political appointments), he hires lawyers with…civil rights experience! GASP! Some of them have even worked for pinko-commie organizations like the ACLU and the NAACP. But that certainly has nothing to do with their being hired to work in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. Nothing at all.
  • You think Republicans look bad for trying to kill Medicare at the moment? Wait until we get closer to the 2012 election.
  • Speaking of Paul Ryan’s brilliance, it turns out Ryan may even help make the Affordable Care Act more popular.
  • In slightly more local news, for those of you who were sad to see a good Progressive lose his race just to the north of us (and we at Act Now certainly were, having worked our asses off to hold that seat), John Hall isn’t saying ‘no’ to the chance of a re-match next year.
  • And speaking of running for office, the wingers might get yet another tasty treat added to the Presidential race. And I could even see this one winning the primary. Oh wouldn’t that be delicious!
  • Ok, I guess I have to make the title make sense. So, bears!


  1. Andrew Solomon says:

    Oh, come on, Chris. There’s nothing more important in the news than Sarah Palin’s outfit. Nothing.

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